End of Summer…….and Magical Hummingbirds.

This weekend, Labour Day will be celebrated in the States and Canada….which means a three day weekend for most people.     It also signifies the end of summer.  

Having lived and worked in the States for 28 years from 1966 til 1993, this time of year signifies for me the beginning of autumn and a new working year.  

In a couple of weeks, my new book ‘Magical Hummingbirds’ will be back from the printers…..

ImageAnd on 11th September, I will post images of the 5′ x 4′ oil painting I have been working on.

Meanwhile, wishing one and all a lovely weekend. 

A Bientôt


8 thoughts on “End of Summer…….and Magical Hummingbirds.

  1. Laura Frohling

    Love your new blog! Mom and I send our love. She’s in great health, so I decided to move in with her in order to spend more time with her. She just turned 88 this July. We had to consolidate a LOT of our paintings, but you’ll be happy to know we kept all of yours!! Hugs, Lauri

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Lauri and Jean, If you receive two replies….humour me, I am learning all about this new blog site, which is so much better than the last.
      Anyway, it’s wonderful to know that you are both well, and particularly Jean….I can’t believe that we are all getting so mature!:) Jarrod is 47 this month, Christie 39 in March and I am 68 in January….how does it happen???:)
      I will be coming to Boston on the 26th September for a long weekend with Christie, and then flying to Atlanta on the 30th Sept to paint watercolour portraits, and then attend the wedding of a young woman who I have known since she was born…and her family are like my family in the States. Really looking forward to this.
      Hopefully sometime in the future when I have more time, I can come and visit you.
      My little book Magical Hummingbirds is at the printers….and in the first page, I mention that the first time I saw a hummingbird was in Asheville, N. Carolina in 1968.
      Love you both and so pleased you kept all of my paintings:)x

  2. Janet Williams

    Hi Janet,

    Welcome to WordPress. I can see you’ve started a new home here on WordPress. I visited your old blog too and I fell in love with the peacock! The vibrant colours and animal theme in your work really appeal to me. I would love to find out more about your art and your Hummingbird book. There are so much for me to appreciate on your various websites.

    Good luck with your discovery on this new blog and I wish you all the best.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Janet,
      Thank you for signing up for my blog and your kind words. I will be posting tomorrow, Wednesday showing the progress of a large oil painting I am currently working on, plus a blurb about the little Hummingbird book. The book is available through my website at http://www.janetweightreed.co.uk
      You can also read a little on that site about my work over the past forty years.
      I love the theme of your blog and the way you write and present. In 1966, having just finished art college in London, I went to the States to visit for two years, and ended up staying for twenty eight! Long story. I returned to the UK/Europe spring of 1993, and so fully appreciate what it feels like to be living in a very strange and often alien world:) Janet.


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