Past and Present.

‘Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.   Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace and gratitude.’    Denis Waitely

In my last post entitled ‘A journey is a person in itself: no two are alike….’ I wrote about my very early experiences when visiting America via the United States Liner, in January of 1966.

The moment when we sailed under the newly constructed Verazanno Bridge, which connects Brooklyn to Staten Island, into New York Harbor will always stay etched in my mind’s eye.   It had been an extremely rough five day crossing, one that was to go down in the annals, and so let it suffice to say that the sight of land was most welcome.

As we glided past Staten Island towards Manhattan, I had no idea that one year later I would have a baby and be living in Harbor View Place on Staten Island.

Fast forward to the present and technology which would have been considered pure science fiction back in 1966.    About a year ago a friend and neighbour from my Staten Island days contacted me through Facebook.

It so happens that she and her husband were born and raised in Georgia….and so yes, I managed to catch up with them, albeit very briefly on my recent trip.     Here are some photographs taken during the period when we were neighbours from 1967 til 1969.

This was me on the left, Mimi Kollf who was the wonderful woman we rented our cottages from, and Ellen on the far right.    I had forgotten this, but apparently we were dressed in costume to celebrate something very special:) This would have been taken in 1967.

By the way one of the Staten Island Ferries is named after Mimi’s father, Cornelious Kollf who helped to develop a lot of Staten Island, way back when.




This image of me with Jarrod (who is now 47) is priceless.   I love the plastic bags I am wearing over my shoes:)




It’s wonderful to reconnect with people from our past….especially when the memories of them are very happy ones.

I plan to write much more about my early days in the States…..I am beginning to realise that they are now part of history:)

May the hummingbirds be with you all.



A Bientôt

6 thoughts on “Past and Present.

  1. ShimonZ

    You’re so right about the ‘science fiction’. For years now, I feel as if I’m in a science fiction story. And loving every minute of it. You look absolutely gorgeous in the pictures, and those pictures… a dash back to another world. What a pleasure to see it. Looking forward to reading more of your memories and your trip. And this was another wonderful post. Can’t close without thanking you for that wonderful quote, though. So true. Happiness… so quick, so intense… no point in catching it. Enough to just enjoy it… like a hummingbird.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Dear Shimon…..thank you so much for your response…Yes, you and I are both enjoying actually experiencing what would have pure science fiction when we were young, and yes, yes, yes enjoy the happy moments to the full:)

  2. Janet Williams

    Wonderful! Janet! Like Shimon, I love the quote about happiness too. When I was a child, I learned that we should pursue spiritual joy than low-level, worldly happiness. I’m not sure I understood the concept very well. Happiness is a very difficult concept to convey in different cultures. Does it mean happy, fullness, achievement? I read an excellent book Dreaming in Chinese by Deborah Fallows and she tried to convey concepts that are unique to the Chinese, and the concept of 幸福 (xingfu), normally translated as ‘happiness’, was one of them.

    I must say I love the modest outfit in these pictures. Your hairdos are fascinating to me too! It must have been an art to try walking with plastic bags on your shoes! I wouldn’t have noticed that.

    Thank you once again for this wonderful post. So happy for you.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Janet.
      Thank you so much for your comment. I am behind in commenting on other people’s blogs, including yours, but I will get there.

      Happiness for me is all about a sense of wellbeing, and contentment. Waking up in the morning excited to greet the new day…..I am sure that if I were not enjoying good health, things might not be so easy….however, I also believe that if we have a sense of wellbeing,contentment and a real focus in life….good health will come from that.

      I will definitely put Deborah Fellow’s book on my list of books to read. Thank you so much. Janet.

  3. snowbird

    I don’t know how I misses this Janet, but what a little doll you were….and still are of course. I too loved this and your delightful quote.
    I don’t seem to be getting email notifications still, but no probs, I’ll call by each friday!xxxx

  4. janetweightreed

    Thank you so much Dina…’s wonderful to look back on those times…and I am so glad that I have quite a lot of photographs from over the years.
    I don’t understand the notification business…..and from now on am hoping to blog about once a week…..Like all things it takes a little time to get into a new stride.
    Sending you hummingbirds, and hoping you have a wonderfully peaceful and creative weekend:)xxxx


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