Magical Hummingbird Cards

Four new Magical Hummingbird cards have been added to the products page on my website

Each card has a hummingbird quote inside. 

1)  ‘Hummingbirds symbolise eternity, continuity and infinity’



2)  ‘Hummingbirds are like flying jewels, bringing seen and unseen magic to our world’



3)  ‘Hummingbirds taught Cristeve the Cat to trust in the unseen help in our world’



4)  ‘Hummingbirds remind us that all of life is interconnected’


These four images can also be found in the book ‘Magical Hummingbirds’ which is also available through the products page on my website

A Bientôt


11 thoughts on “Magical Hummingbird Cards

    1. janet weight reed

      Thank you so much, Bonnie. It was lovely for me to sit on the veranda in Gainesville, Georgia with these little beauties humming around my head.
      Lynn told me that they left for the south a couple of days after I flew home. I was very fortunate.:)

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi CJ, wonderful to hear from you. I was thinking about you recently when I saw the damage that yet another terrible tornado had done in the States!
      Forgive me, but sometimes I miss things on FB.
      I am off and running this weekend to give a workshop…..back here Monday. Would love to hear more of your news.
      Sending you lots of loving hummingbirds. Janet 🙂 xxx


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