More Cats.

Cats show us how to relax and hang loose…….



They have no qualms about cuddling with one another for warmth and comfort….


They are very comfortable in their own skin.     What you see is what you get…..



They love sunshine…….



And dreaming of colourful, magical hummingbirds. 



A Bientôt



9 thoughts on “More Cats.

  1. Susana

    Janet, your cats are so lovely. I adore our two cats and your art describes so much how important they are to our lives. Thank you for sharing

  2. ShimonZ

    Marvelous cats. The second one, especially. That’s a cat at home… a demonstration of ‘not a care in the world…. of course… if something sounded just a wee bit strange, he would be up on his feet in less than a second…

  3. snowbird

    Ahhhhh….the whiskers on that black and white cat are to DIE for! Simply breathtaking! And…I have FINALLY managed to subscribe properly….methinks…I’ll wait and see….xxxxx

  4. Janet Williams

    Hi Janet,

    Our car disappeared for two years and was returned to us a few weeks ago. An old lady took him to the vet as she worried that Billy (cat) would not survive the storm in the UK two weeks ago. I visited her with thanks and she told me the stories of how her neighbours, hairdresser, community jointly looked after this wandering cats for months. She burst into tears when the vet told her the cat was chipped and we are found. What a heart-warming story of humanity.


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