The Flying goose.

I leave you this weekend with a flying goose.



From the book, ‘The Apple Exercise’

‘Given the fast pace of our lives today, and the fact that so many of us are plugged into technology of one kind or another, our collective sense are being deadened. 

Along with this comes a feeling of loss.    A loss that in many ways we are unable to identify. 

As we constantly try to fill the ever widening holes within us, with more and more frenetic activity and stuff, our frustration levels grow even more. 

Feeding our sense through the creative process, in all its many forms, can produce almost miraculous changes, which lead to a sense of well being and fulfilment.’


Next week, more tutorials and information about watercolour brushes and paper. 

Wishing everyone a beautiful and creative weekend.

A Bientôt 


12 thoughts on “The Flying goose.

    1. janetweightreed

      Thank you Katherine and thank you so much for re blogging this for me.
      There is something so poignant about the honking of geese as they fly overhead in the autumn:) Have a lovely weekend. xx

      1. Katherine

        You are so right about the poignancy and the vivid expression of an utterly other kind of life obeying their deep instincts.I once saw a large flock land by a lake and it was breathtaking how they flew as one.:)xx

  1. snowbird

    Oh I do agree with this Janet, I think so many people have huge voids inside them that they try to fill by racing through life ever faster.
    What a fantastic painting, I really loved the movement and the

    1. janetweightreed

      Thank you so much Dina…capturing movement is something that I find very exciting
      As for rushing through life constantly trying to fill the void – I think it’s a huge issue today. Is it any wonder that so many young children, teenagers and adults are suffering from mental health issues?
      I know you live this….but if only governments and institutions understood the importance of the creative process, in all its forms, in people’s lives.
      By this, I don’t mean rushing to a dance class for half an hour then to a music class for another half an hour, etc…I mean creativity, such as painting, writing, dancing, gardening, cooking, sewing that can be integrated fully in our lives….rather than be an adjunct.
      On that note, have a lovely, creative weekend:)xxxx

  2. Aquileana

    A very inspirational post & I absolutely enjoyed the creative tips…

    I particularly agree with this statement above:”Feeding our sense through the creative process, in all its many forms, can produce almost miraculous changes, which lead to a sense of well being and fulfilment”… (So true).

    Thanks for sharing, cheers, Aquileana 🙂

  3. ShimonZ

    Yes, there is a problem of sensory deprivation as a result of the popularity of the new technology. It’s something that has occupied my thoughts lately. As you can see, it took me a while to get to some of your posts, but I wouldn’t want to miss a single one.


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