Tutorial 10: – Seeing Differently

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an apple?

It could be the iconic Apple Mac symbol…or the shiny red apple that children take for their favourite teacher:)

What The Apple Exercise demonstrates is that the apple, along with everything else in life, can be seen in a myriad of different ways. 

Upside down and inside out…..


If we were able to time travel back to our earliest formative years, from 1 to 3, when our world was a kaleidoscope of colour and shapes and our young minds were full of wonder, we could regain our natural curiosity and love for colour and form. 

If we are able to see the apple in many different ways, we will begin to see everything else differently. 


A collage of apple exercise sketches. 



This week along with a couple of watercolour demonstrations and more information about brushes and paper,   I will talk about the imagination, and how we can encourage it to blossom. 

Think left and think right and think low and think high.   Oh, the thinks you can think up if only you try.’   Dr. Seuss. 

A Bientôt



9 thoughts on “Tutorial 10: – Seeing Differently

  1. Katherine

    Beautiful,Janet.Many apples were drawn by me using Paint!I never realised it was because of your exercises.I would love to see like a child.I think we have to be very secure to let ourselves open to the senses and the world.And I am unsure how we can get to feel more secure within ourselves if wet did not become like that naturally.So I shall be pondering on that too.
    Possibly too, we get lazy and want to stick with our fixed ideas and views.Thank you for tutorials,:)xx

    1. janetweightreed

      Thank you so much Katherine…..I would suggest ‘playing’ is the best way to loosen and free up. Scribble on newspaper…throw some paint around….if you feel like putting vibrant colour down…..do it….and always remember it’s just paint and paper….In the grand scheme of things, It’s pretty simple:) Happy creating….I love your poems:)xx


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