Mother and Child

About a year and half ago I arrived at the Boathouse Studio expecting to paint an adult model.   At first glance there was a lovely young woman waiting to pose, and then I saw that she had a beautiful baby girl in tow!      I asked the model if she would be happy to pose with baby….which was the beginning of a lovely experience.



The studio was warm and quiet which agreed with both Mother and child, and so amazingly they were able to pose together for most of the day.     The only sounds Baby made were happy gurgles:)

This was a five minute watercolour sketch working from a colour ground.   I like to call these rapid images, exploratory sketches because they allow me to familiarise myself with the subject. 


During that day, I painted many watercolour sketches of Mother and Child.     It was one of those experiences you could never orchestrate or plan… just happened.     

Twenty minute sketch working from a colour ground.   Watercolour and Gouache. 




I like to paint details from my models.    In this image I was attracted by the tender quality of Mother’s hands enveloping the child. 

Watercolour on white paper. 




About six months after the first session, I arrived at the Studio to find Mother and Child had returned for a visit, before moving to South America.    

Baby was now full of life and energy.    At one point the baby was put on the floor which was when I made this quick sketch.

Watercolour on white paper. 


It’s not often that I get to cuddle my models…..however in this case, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience:)    

This photograph of me with baby was taken on the second visit.    Baby was growing into a lively little child full of character and personality. 


Wishing everyone a beautiful weekend.    I will be back here on Monday. 

A Bientôt



6 thoughts on “Mother and Child

  1. kathryningrid

    What a fabulous experience! And lovely images—not least of all that fantastic last shot, so perfectly capturing the joyful energy of a little one and the fun near-impossibility of holding onto the child! 😀

  2. janetweightreed10 Post author

    Good morning, Kathryn…This was one of those very special happenings….the little girl….who would be a little girl now, is living in S. America on a commune with her fantastic mother. One of the best models ever:)x


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