Hampton Court Palace with Tristan

It’s always enjoyable to spend time with an inquisitive, almost two year old:)     Yesterday I met up with Tristan, who will be two on 23rd December and his mother, Charlotte at Hampton Court Palace.

I am fortunate to live just five minutes from Hampton Court Palace and so it’s a great place to meet up with friends any time of the year, and especially now when the ice rink is set up in front of the Palace.    

This photograph was taken on a much brighter day.




Yesterday, had a more ethereal feel to it….and as this was taken earlier in the day, there were fewer skaters.


When I am with a very young child…I try to imagine what the world must look like through their eyes….Quite big, I think!



The beautiful gardens at Hampton Court which are open all year round need constant attention, and yesterday there were lots of gardeners preparing for next Spring.     How wonderful for Tristan to find one of their little tractors……



Eating chocolate cake takes on a whole different dimension for a two year old:)



And it’s always lovely to meet another person who is the same size…..



I love the mistletoe on this tree.



Tristan with a palace guard. 



All in all a very lovely day. 

A Bientôt

3 thoughts on “Hampton Court Palace with Tristan

  1. snowbird

    Ahhhh….through the eyes of a child….I love him, and think the pic with his little friend is adorable. I think I’d love to whirl around that ice rink….fab post!xxx


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