Start as I wish to proceed……

I like to start the new year as I plan to proceed…..

I began preliminary work on this large oil painting just before Christmas -(5′ x 4′)   It’s part of the ‘interconnection’ series. 


As the painting develops, I will post the progress on this blog…..and at the same time show the watercolours I use to formulate ideas. 

It’s also back to a normal with diet and daily exercise:)

Wishing everyone a beautiful Thursday.

A Bientôt


6 thoughts on “Start as I wish to proceed……

  1. gini

    Oh.. You make me smile.. A magical New year.. new exercises and new food choices.. but that is not a resolution!! just saying. (giggle) Happy painting Janet!! You shine.. xx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I suppose I make the same resolutions every year……some I manage to keep and others I don’t……however, one of the good things about indulging over the holiday season, is that it’s actually a relief to get back to just fresh fruit and veg:) I went into to Kingston this morning….it’s a quiet weather day between storms….and so Mia is now officially on her way:)xx

  2. snowbird

    The painting looks most interesting, I shall enjoy following it’s progress. Yes, it’s a relief to get back to normal isn’t it….bring on the egg on toast!xxx

  3. janetweightreed10 Post author

    Hi Dina….my sentiments exactly. A woman in one of the shops I was in today said….she needed a break from the break….which I thought was very amusing. Very early stages for this painting….I can see where I want to go in my mind’s eye. Hope all is well in your world. xxx


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