Time to play…..

It’s mid January, a good time to let rip:).      Children remind us of what it is to play and so I hope the following images inspire.


Ignore the annoying little Chattering Monkeys that rattle around in our brains telling us all the reasons why we shouldn’t play!     Instead listen to the inner voice that says – Just do it……


Throw some red paint around:)


Mix several colours together, and laugh while you do it.


Express yourself.


Stick lots of paper to a wall, and paint a mural.


Live in a world of pink and purple or whatever other colours float your boat.


Just have fun:)

A Bientot

6 thoughts on “Time to play…..

  1. snowbird

    Oh ….how wonderfully liberating! Marvelous Janet…..I may give that a go tomorrow….I’m smiling just looking at those kids….especially the faces on the hands. What fun!!!xxx


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