Happy hummingbird weekend

When I am feeling tired or anxious, I imagine myself in nature surrounded by magical hummingbirds.       I hear the humming of their wings and allow the images to sooth and restore.


They remind me of our interconnectedness and of unseen magic.


In our fast paced material world, the hummingbird reminds me of the exquisite complexity of Nature.


‘An image reflected in a mirror, a rainbow in the sky, and a painted scene make their impressions upon the mind, but in essence are other than what they seem.   Look deeply at the world, and see an illusion, a magician’s dream.’

The Seventh Dali Lama:  Song of the Immaculate Path”

A Bientot

4 thoughts on “Happy hummingbird weekend

  1. snowbird

    What beautiful delicate images, I can totally understand how they sooth and calm and remind you of the power and magic of nature. Seeing your paintings has the same effect on me. That is a wonderful quote too.xxx

    1. janetweightreed

      Thank you. The hummingbird symbolises for many ancient cultures a deep sense of other worldliness. For such tiny creatures, they have had a huge impact on the lives of many.:
      ) xxx


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