68 Years Young (2)

My first  solo exhibition at the Chester County Arts Association in December 1976.


My studio on Prescott Alley, West Chester, Pa.

Scan 74

In the studio around 1985……Although I look as if I had everything together, in fact I felt very insecure and full of anxiety, proving to never judge a book by its cover.     Just two years later I was to have an epiphany which was to change my life.


This was taken at The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts at the height of my anxiety period.    It just goes show, that photographs don’t always tell the truth.


With my dear friend Carol.


A magic moment in S. Carolina with Jane……friend and surrogate mother.

til August 10 207

With Cynthia McClure Thomassett, after I returned to Wales, Uk


With another dear friend, David Bienkowski when I visited him in California.

This was taken where the Russian River meets the Pacific.


Me with little Ally on my recent trip to Georgia this past October.    Note that Ally is placed strategically to cover double chins:


There are so many more…..this year I will begin to write my autobiography.   having now said it, I must do it.

A bientot

14 thoughts on “68 Years Young (2)

  1. Katherine

    I liked seeing al the images and send you my very best wishes on your birthday.May you have a profound and happy year ahead of you with more inspiration and beauty to share.Love,K :)xxx

  2. Tony

    Happy Many Many Returns! As we Oldies say.

    Wonderful photos, and looking forward to reading of your wonderful Years


    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you Bonnie, I really need to get started this year….hopefully when I see you in May I will have started. There is so much more involved than these photographs indicate……:) xx

  3. gini

    Somewhere over the RAINBOW… dreams do come true. Standing atop of the Rainbow we can see where we’ve been and how it really served us. SHINING my Dear friend… The mirroring effect is astounding… wink!! those pictures!! OH those pictures..amazing. xx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much gini, and yes so true, by looking back, I learn about patterns in my life….those which I
      choose to nurture, and those that I choose to learn from and let go:) xxx

  4. snowbird

    I absolutely loved seeing these pics and finding out more about your fascinating life……gosh….what exciting times you’ve had and are still having….I do hope you had a wonderful birthday. Off to read part two….xxxx

  5. ShimonZ

    As immodest as it may seem, I have to tell you, Janet, that I have a talent for reading faces. And it pleases me no end, that the different photographs of you that I’ve seen have portrayed a wide collection of expressions on your face, allowing me to get to know you quite well. What a pleasure it is… and how well it goes with your stories and your art, the paintings and photographs that you have shared over the years. I rejoice in the light you share with your friends. Wishing you another beautiful year, even better than the last. Hugs and kisses, Janet.


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