Energy and Movement

Capturing a sense of energy and movement in painting is a constant source of pleasure for me, and watercolour is the perfect medium to bring a sense of spontaneity and life into my work.


Frame 1

To achieve a sense of energy and movement it’s important that I experience within myself the same feeling as the bird taking flight.

Being part of my subject rather than a separate entity brings an understanding that all of life is interconnected.

In this frame I have sketched out the goose using a black felt tip pen.


Frame 2

I then wet the area around the sketch (the negative space) and apply strong, juicy colour.     Note that I leave the goose as dry, white paper.


Frame 3

I then bring some of the background colour into the body of the bird, along with other colours.   Note that I am using very loose brush strokes, which emphasise the sense of energy and movement.


Frame 4

In the final frame it’s important to note that all the white areas are dry, white paper.


As it’s my 68th birthday, later today I will post some fun pictures from early childhood on:)

A bientot

9 thoughts on “Energy and Movement

  1. ShimonZ

    Best wishes for a very happy birthday. May you feel like the goose as it spreads its wings for lift off… what a beautiful exercise… and may all the coming year be filled with inspiration and work that strengthens you.

  2. snowbird

    Ah….I just LOVE this goose, reminds me of my beautiful release last week. Such a beautiful painting! Happy birthday Janet, I hope this year brings all you wish for yourself. Have a drink on me!!!xxx


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