Hummingbird with Magnolia (2)


This post continues from yesterday’s demonstration of how to paint using watercolour in a more considered fashion. 

This is the final frame of the Hummingbird with Magnolia.



Frame 1

As was the case yesterday, I am painting each petal separately.    In my spontaneous watercolour painting, I allow edges to bleed into one another, but using this more considered method, I am careful for this not to happen. 



Frame 2

Important to note that the highlights are dry white paper. 



Frame 3

Note that I am now adding colour from the flowers onto the hummingbird to emphasise their connection.    All life is interconnected. 



Frame 4

I now begin to add transparencies over the top of existing colour.    This is why I needed the paper to dry overnight.    When you apply a transparency you add depth of tone and colour, but don’t change any of the painting’s structure.      

Some watercolour artists apply many layers of transparencies, which is quite time consuming – a very different technique from my normal spontaneous/direct painting. 

In oil painting we call transparencies – glazes….but the concept is the same.     The Dutch Masters were known for their many layers of glazes in oil painting, which provided a luminous finish. 



Final frame



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