The joy of colour….

I know many of my friends in the States are having to deal with relentless snow and cold…..and here in the UK we are having to deal with relentless wind and rain!    

Given that it is Friday and that we probably all need a shot of colour in our lives, I am sharing three photographs I took during the warm summer months. 

I received my first digital camera eight years ago.   Up until that time, I had never really enjoyed photography because of the long process of getting film developed, and then finding that maybe there was one decent image in the whole lot.  

 My digital camera changed that for me…I now use it along with sketch books as a tool for my work. 

This image was pure luck.   I was walking along South Bank in London, where they had a beach hut display, and happened to spy this little girl standing in front of the perfect beach hut.   I just loved the way the colours and shapes all sang out together:)



I caught this little girl as I was wondering through Brighton.   Ice cream just happens to be my favourite food, and so I couldn’t resist this opportunity. 



This photograph of deck chairs on Brighton Pier, appealed to me because of the stripes and shadows made by people relaxing in the warm sunshine. 



I hope the colour in these images has brought some joy. 

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A Bientôt


9 thoughts on “The joy of colour….

  1. ShimonZ

    Love your photography Janet, and the new welcome page at your site is beautiful and captivating. Wishing you a beautiful weekend, and much joy from work, and from teaching always.

  2. gini

    Thank you dear Janet!! Colors are my favorite things!! You’ve made my Friday very color FULL.. Have a GRAND weekend!! but of course..:) xxx

  3. snowbird

    Just LOVING the stripes and bright colours….I loved Brighton, I often visited when daughter lived there. Oh yes…here’s to the digi camera, what a pain it was having to fork out all that money to develop film….and having to wit for development!!!xxx


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