A World free of barriers and division…….


“Unfettered wings span beyond prosaic frontiers.    

Hummingbirds send forth a spiritual grace guiding us into a world of boundless imagination and enlightenment.  

A world free of barriers and division – a wellspring of unity.”   Janet Weight Reed. 

I will be away for the next few days.   Back here on Tuesday.

Peace and love.


A Bientôt

3 thoughts on “A World free of barriers and division…….

  1. Ace Filipini

    “A well-sping of unity” So, Janet, please say more on this subject or direct me to another blog. I contine to struggle with how to use an image to feed a wanting soul. Thank you.

  2. janetweightreed10 Post author

    Hi Ace…and thank you for this comment.
    I have used hummingbirds as symbolic imagery in my work for over thirty years, and so this poem describes for me how hummingbirds transcend human limitations. They are able to interconnect with everything surrounding them with grace and ease….which equals
    a wellspring of unity.
    We humans tend to put everything in boxes….when in fact, nature isn’t like that….it flows, and in doing so works beautifully. By putting up barriers and divisions, we humans block the flow and in doing so cause great pain for ourselves and others.
    I hope that helps:) Janet.


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