Staying open to all possibilities….

One certainty of life is that there will always be change.     We go through good times, challenging times, the weather is wonderful or not so good, all depending on where we are and what we are doing. 

One of the many things I have learned in my 68 years is the importance of staying open to all possibilities, and so it was last weekend when I attended a seminar here in London.  

For me, it was one of those transformational moments, which I will write more about next week when I have had time to assimilate what I experienced.     

So much of my work is based on symbolism and so today I offer this peacock, which is a detail from a large oil painting I am currently working on.     The peacock symbolises, resurrection….and in this instance for me, yet another new beginning. 



Today I am off to see the work of one of my heroes, the great English painter Joseph Turner at the National Maritime Museum. 

I wish you all a beautiful weekend.

A Bientôt


8 thoughts on “Staying open to all possibilities….

  1. moorezart

    Oh so very true! Just the other day I heard something akin to this wonderful post. It went something like this – “Only a closed mind is certain”. I didn’t catch its origin. Heck it could have simply been some character on a TV show for all I remember. (Also being a part of getting into those wonderful ’60s’! I will have to use that phrase somehow in some future post. I diverge. I simply wanted to share that with you and say how beautiful your blog and art is! Douglas

  2. snowbird

    Your peacock takes my breath away….beautiful it is. I am really looking forward to hearing about your experience….ah, life is filled with magic and


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