A taste of spring…..

During the past few days, here in London and other parts of the UK, we have experienced a taste of spring….


With warm temperatures, and lots of sunshine, It is clear to see that the sap is flowing and new life is bursting forth in every direction.


This may well have influenced a dream I had a week ago, which showed my bedroom in a completely different configuration, and so over this past weekend I flung open the windows and got into a spring cleaning – reorganisation mode…..all of which I put down to the weather:)

The outcome is that my dream was right….everything about the changes made are positive…..however, I always forget that when I re-organise one area of my flat, it leads to another, and so for the remainder of this week, I will  be ‘spring cleaning’ throughout…

Spring is the time for plans and projects.   Leo Tolstoy. 


Last year, winter stayed with us until the beginning of June.    Consequently, I felt none of this need to re-feather my nest.   Instead it felt as we were in a long hibernation… body clocks were confused – for humans, animals, birds, flora and fauna alike.


All of this has reminded me of the importance of rhythm, structure and ritual in my life.

As a morning person, it is vital that I begin my day a certain way….with stretching and meditation.    With that in place, usually the rest of the day flows well.



A Bientôt

7 thoughts on “A taste of spring…..

  1. K and J

    I find it interesting that you dreamed something before you did it.Of course the conscious mind is a small part of the whole.Those images where there are more shadows than flowers are very beautiful.xx

  2. ShimonZ

    I love these beautiful compositions of the flowers together with the light and shadow, Janet. As for the spring cleaning, always a great idea… though it come burdensome when it’s just motivated by a sense of obligation. How good it is when it turns into the realization of a dream. Wishing you a very inspiring spring.

  3. snowbird

    I loved the interaction of the shadows and those beautiful daffadowndillies…..wonderful. There is nothing better than a spring clean, the light and energy flow so much better and it is so rejuvenating, but as you say, one area always leads to another! xxx


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