Watercolour of Phoebe…


I haven’t been around much this week, as have been immersed in re organising and spring cleaning my flat!:)    Although not my favourite thing to do the results are wonderful, and as my friend Dina said….has allowed for a clear flow throughout. 

Today I am off to visit Josie and Phoebe.    Josie is 92 and a childhood friend of my 92 year old Mother.    Josie has known me since I was born, and has lived in her Grandparent’s house all of her life……not too far from me in London.

I love visiting her, because like me she is an animal lover.    At this stage in her life, she has Phoebe and Henrietta the canary……however, the house is filled to the brim with animal memorabilia….every single surface…..

She also has numerous clocks of every kind and size….none of which tell the right time.

My kind of place:)

Wishing everyone a beautiful Friday and weekend ahead…..The plan is that by Monday, spring cleaning of flat will be finished, so that I can get back to normal…..

A Bientôt

14 thoughts on “Phoebe

  1. snowbird

    I’m delighted to hear the energy is flowing, nothing like a spring clean to bring positive vibes. I just love that painting of Phoebe and Josie sounds like my kind of a girl….ahhh….enjoy your get

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thanks Dina…..yes, my flat feels wonderful:) I always think of you when I visit Josie….must have something to do with the wall to wall animal memorabilia:) Have a lovely weekend. xxx

  2. ShimonZ

    By the time I got here, it was good to know that the spring cleaning was finished. I’m watching the sun climb into the cold sky… hopefully to warm it… and though a bit tired after not sleeping well this last night… I’m ready to take on the day, whatever might come. As for ‘animal lovers’, I think it would be best just to call them ‘lovers’… but then, maybe my thinking has been twisted by the lack of sleep. My best wishes to you always, Janet. It is so nice to find one of your posts in the night…


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