Taking notes

Although I love to work on large oil paintings, over the years watercolour painting has become a constant companion for me.      Easy to carry when travelling and a superb medium for warming up and taking notes. 


I have been writing my blog for seven years.   Before e mail, I wrote letters almost every day, and I keep sketch books which are full of images and words, however it wasn’t until I decided to write a book, that I realised I needed to approach things in a different way.



I have been mulling this over for quite some time, and then I was reminded of a workshop I gave years ago in the beautiful Hereford countryside where one of the participants felt totally overwhelmed by the vastness of the landscape……Her question was – How to start?


I suggested that she observe a lovely old door which was part of a barn….and start there.     By the end of the weekend, she had put together about 20 sketches or vignettes within the landscape.      

These notes and gathering of information ultimately gave her a much greater understanding of the total landscape, and where she wanted to take her work.       



For a long time I was focusing on the idea of writing an autobiography and then more recently I realised that I want total freedom of expression in my writing as in my watercolour painting, and so decided that I would write a novel.      

Initially, much like the woman in my Herefordshire workshop….the big picture seemed overwhelming, and then I began to approach things as I would my painting…..

For me the process works better if I have a hard copy, and so each day as thoughts come, I jot them down and print out.   Thus far I have compiled a stack of notes, which are beginning to make sense.  



In short, I am learning a new habit….clearly I need to consult my Apple Exercise book:)


A Bientôt




9 thoughts on “Taking notes

  1. ShimonZ

    It is such a pleasure watching one of your paintings come to life on your blog. And very attractive and tempting to think of this book you intend to write… or in fact, are already writing. I can’t wait. It amazes me that you work with notes on paper. I used to write notes all the time, in the old days, and have many books filled with handwriting… but since getting used to the computer, I find it much more comfortable for me. I don’t think I could ever go back to the old system. Wishing you a beautiful day.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi Shimon, I need to work both on the computer and written notes…..As soon as an idea comes, I either jot it down, if away from computer, or put it immediately into computer……than I print out. In other words the pile of notes are in fact print outs from the computer. Strange, I know, but I have to do what works best:)
      It feels good to have started this endeavour…I think it will be very enjoyable.
      Meanwhile, hope all’s well in your new home and of course that Nechame is happy. She must be so pleased that you are with her all the time again. Janet. x

      1. ShimonZ

        Yes, it’s really amazing… when I moved back together with her, I thought that our relationship would never be the same again… and that her personality had changed as a result of the rather traumatic move. But her recovery was much faster than my own… she has returned to her former self, she’s even a little haughty now…

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi Katherine. I am very interested myself…..Much like an expressive, free form painting, although I have a feeling of what the overall finished product will be like, I will be learning a great deal on the way.:)xx

  2. snowbird

    Oh how exciting Janet, a novel!!! And you are just the person to write one, it will be filled with magic and mystery….just like you! I LOVE the lilies! Good luck with it, and keep us all posted.xxx


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