The freedom to fly.

A young friend came to visit yesterday, and like so many single parents who work and in this case study, life had become overwhelming.

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the details and distractions which make up our daily lives.    Before we know it, the day becomes so fragmented, that we are no longer able to focus on any one thing.

Having been in the same situation when I was considerably younger, I am able to write about this with conviction.    It wasn’t until I experienced a personal transformation when I was forty that I began to learn about boundaries and positive habit making. 

If we want to fly and experience personal freedoms then we must introduce some structure into our lives.     I have learned that structure brings with it great freedom. 


The question is….where to begin?    

Again, from personal experience I know that if I try to take on too much, it rarely works.    In short I sabotage myself.

The more aware I became of this process, I could see that this was a common thread for many.    For example, people would attend my workshops and get all fired up…..and then after returning to their ‘normal life’ –  the sense of momentum and exhilaration would leave.    What to do?



I remember when I began to put structure into my life it wasn’t easy, because I had to start almost afresh.  New thinking, new attitudes and routines.     This also meant putting up some very clear boundaries to others who might not have been on the same path…..probably the most difficult thing of all.



It was around this time, that I began to offer my ‘Fifteen minutes a day for one month – Apple Exercise’.    

It is important to note that the principle of this exercise works for just about anything – writing, physical exercise, etc.   

To do this effectively it is important that it is the same fifteen minutes every day and that all distractions, i.e. mobile phones are removed or turned off. 



If multiple issues need to be changed….I would suggest only beginning with one thing.

After one month of fifteen minute a day, playful exercises are complete….a new habit will be formed, and with that new habit, will come freedom. 


A Bientôt




17 thoughts on “The freedom to fly.

  1. sula362

    good post. You are so right that it is easy to get too much going on without realising it is happening, and then nothing is efficient any more

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you. I found this to be the case long before mobile phones, computers, etc…..and so now it’s even more important to be mindful of just how the hours can be frittered away:) Have a lovely weekend.

  2. snowbird

    What a wonderful post and very true. Especially letting others know that previous behaviours will not be tolerated….yes, we do have to try and take charge and responsibility for our own lives and our own choices.Love the

  3. deacongill

    How very true this is. I’ve now ruled out times in my diary which I give to the things which are important to me. But also how true, of insisting on boundaries for the amount of interaction with other people, too, and how very hard this can be. It’s challenging to do this in a way that preserves friendship!
    This is gillyk by the way, Janet – in case you were puzzled by my newish blog and avatar.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi Gilly, and yes establishing boundaries is often more difficult than first thought. However, it’s vital to make clear boundaries and then gently remind people if they don’t seem to get it….Eventually – and this has been my experience – the boundaries are accepted as a normal part of the relationship. Like anything of substance, it takes some time:)

  4. deacongill

    A cousin of my husband had got this down to a fine art many years ago. She was a teacher of design – so she was another creative person needing to protect her space. She steadfastly refused all invitations to spend Christmas with people, much preferring her own company, and did not send out Christmas cards or letters. She did however send them in the new year. She never answered the phone directly, but had installed an answerphone, in order, she said, ‘to train my friends’! She died very recently in her 90s, and our lives were much richer for her.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      I can relate to this lady. I have my land line unplugged 24/7 and only use it to make the occasional call out. My mobile is on silent all day…I check every now and then to see if there is anything important….I find that one ring can destroy my focus! As for Christmas and holidays, I would much prefer to hide somewhere:):)


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