Art in the Algarve – I can’t wait to return.

I try to embark on new adventures with an open mind, and so it was with Art in the Algarve where I have just tutored a watercolour workshop.     In a nut shell, on a scale of 1 – 10, Art in the Algarve receives an 11.  

One of the two main courtyards in the School House, with the 150 year old olive tree which reaches to the top of the three level building. 


This first post will be an overview of the school and area.

Later I will get into more detail along with a general outline of the course and what was achieved,.    I will also offer some tutorials for readers and participants of the course. to use as a follow up.

The well equipped and very beautiful studio adjacent to the main courtyards.  


I had not been to Portugal before and was delighted to find that the working fishing town of Olhao, where the school is situated along with the protected natural beauty of the famous Lagoon Natural Park, is a world away from most people’s image of holidays on the Algarve.

Geographically, not too far from Tangier and Morocco, Olhao is filled with Moorish style architecture.     

David Clark, who owns and runs the school has renovated the School House and Pool House sympathetically and with vision.  He has put together a cohesive programme which forms a superb structure for work and play.

He has chosen his team very well….from Margarida (sp?) who prepared such wonderfully fresh and diverse foods, to Joanna who always had breakfast ready on time with a smile, and  kept housekeeping in order.       The car and boat taxi drivers were informative and fun to be with and so all in all, there was nothing to worry or think about, other than painting and the pleasure of exploring a new place.

This is where we ate our meals at the school.   In between meals, fresh fruit and wonderful local sweets were always available.   As David said when we arrived….treat the place like your home….a man of his word.

I might add that there was a wonderful touch of Faulty Towers about David and his Team… the loveliest of ways:)   




Along with the superb food served at the school, David organised several visits to local restaurants…including a wonderful Tapas bar, and his own Bar which sits on the front, overlooking the Lagoon.     In each case we received a warm welcome from the local people, and the fish… doesn’t come any better!

On the Saturday morning we visited the weekly market which faces the Lagoon…..a visual and gastronomic treat…..

One of the many flower vendors at the market…..


On another day we were taken to the island of Culatra, where we entered a vibrant little community, reminding me a little of one of the islands in the Bahamas.

Part of the vibrant fishing community on Culatra.   




Observing the beautiful shapes and colours on Culatra. 



I know I can talk for the group in saying that the week ended all too soon.

I have taught in many different venues, here and abroad, and without a doubt, Art in the Algarve offers something very special.

Given that I choose to give workshops at cooler times of the year, It is important to note, that the weather was perfect.     Most days were sunny with temperatures around 22 c. (65 to 70 F.)

I finish this post with a photograph of storks that inhabit the area and make their nests on high chimneys and in this case the local church tower.



I am very glad to say that I am booked in to do another course at the school on April 22nd 2015.    The course will be limited to 10 people so that I can give as much individual attention as possible. 

I will be back here on Thursday morning with more, as am off to the Malvern Hills for the next two days.

A Bientôt












17 thoughts on “Art in the Algarve – I can’t wait to return.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      All levels welcome….if you read my blog today…you will note that we all begin as if we know nothing! It always works. I quite often find that those who are abject beginners offer a great deal to the group….and as my workshops are about much more than just the technical element of painting, I believe that they work for everyone. Thanks:)

  1. ShimonZ

    Looks and sounds like a really wonderful school… and I always feel at home in art schools in any case… though I think that being locked up in one of them would reallly damage that feeling… (how did you come up with that image, smile). So glad you had this wonderful adventure, Janet. And glad you’re coming back for more…

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Yes, this school is a visual feast. So many levels, nooks and crannies, shapes, shadows…..and all the basics very much in place. I once had a tutor at art college who had us observe a crack in the ceiling for one whole term. We had to write about it, paint it, etc…..I don’t think I quite understood the value of this when I was 17 years old, but now I fully appreciate that one could be locked in a school such as Art in the Algarve and never run out of visual stimulation….and of course I would want to be locked in with Margarida, the cook, and Joanna, who looked after all the other needs:) I also love art schools…. Have a lovely Thursday, Shimon. x

  2. Bonnie Halsey-Dutton

    I’ve just had the opportunity to catch up with your Algarve workshop writing… amazing! So beautiful, and I can only imagine all that was learned and shared by those fortunate enough to attend your course. I can’t wait to hear more. Congrats!


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