Hungry baby great egrets

Superb photography.

Dina's Wildlife Adventures


“Mom, when are we going to eat breakfast?”


“No really Mom, I’m hungry. When is Dad coming back with fish?”


“Don’t ignore me, Mom.”


“I’m going to start having a flapping fit if we don’t eat soon.”


“I’ll just eat your tail feathers.”


“Yuk, this doesn’t taste good.”


“What is that big long scaly thing swimming around?”

Mornings at the bird rookery at Gatorland are busy with birds getting breakfast for the little ones.  I kept an eye on this nest for a while. It wasn’t until late in the morning that the other parent brought in food and they were fed quickly. There was a big crowd over there so I missed the feeding shots. I did get some of another nest so those will be coming soon. It’s fun watching the little ones checking mom and each other out. They seem so curious. But they grow up fast…

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1 thought on “Hungry baby great egrets

  1. snowbird

    What a treat to see such stunning birds, I can’t imagine how wonderful it would be to see them in the wild. As you say, fantastic


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