Beginning the day with a magical hummingbird

It is important for me to have rhythm and structure in my life.      These two elements allow me the freedom to create.    I have also learned that the way I begin my day is vital.

Image I used to listen to the BBC news first thing, and realised that it was 99% negative and designed to ignite fear and anxiety in the listener.

ImageI now listen to soothing music for the first hour or two while either writing or doing a warm up watercolour.

ImageToday I start with painting a gentle magical hummingbird.     I have used hummingbird imagery in my paintings for over thirty years.    They symbolise for me the unseen magic in our world.

ImageI am using watercolour paper with a neutral ground which I applied some time ago.    Remember when working from a ground…it is important to let the ground colour dry at least 24 hours before painting…otherwise mud is likely to occur!

ImageBecause I have worked from a ground, I have applied Winsor & Newton Permanent White Gouache for my lightest areas.

This took about 20 minutes and along with the music was a very soothing exercise….and at the same time, I now feel awake and fortified to listen to the news or whatever else the day has to throw at me:)

Note in the finished sketch…I have allowed colours to bleed into one another…..

ImageI had a lovely visit with Bonnie Halsey Dutton, who is now staying in Paris with our mutual friend, the artist Mariethe Salort, and then she is on her way to a summer school in Orvieto, Italy.    I will write a separate blog about our time together along with some photographs.

Wishing everyone a peaceful, loving day.

A Bientôt


23 thoughts on “Beginning the day with a magical hummingbird

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    1. Ellen McGee

      Dearest Janet, Thank you for today’s magic. I also used to listed to the news channel on the radio all the way to work and kept it on that station all day….so that I didn’t miss anything. I have changed that in the last year. Now I keep the radio off. I look around at the beauty of my surroundings and thank my higher power. Than go on a spiritual trip as I drive and wait in traffic. I am not missing thing on the radio, and my day starts off with my head tuned into the important things in life. Love to you. Ellen Mc

      1. janetweightreed10 Post author

        Lovely to see you here Ellen, and thank you for this lovely response. I like to begin as I wish to proceed…and so the beginning of my day is vital…..nature, soothing music are all the things that feed our souls. Very glad to hear the joy in your voice. Janet:)xx

  2. snowbird

    How very beautiful, the white you have used here has the bird glowing iike a little jewel.
    I agree about the news, I always had it on too but now I open the kitchen door each morning and listen to the

  3. Itaya Art

    Oh this painting is so very lovely! I too stopped listening to the news some years ago. I love how you warm up and start your creative day with a painting of one of your awesome hummingbirds. 🙂

  4. Itaya Art

    Reblogged this on Itaya's Designs and commented:
    I love the way that Janet Weight Reed starts her creative day by painting a watercolor of one of her magical hummingbirds! Who needs to start the day out listening to nerve wracking news anyways. 🙂

  5. Tanveer Rauf

    Janet weight your words and poetic paintings flow so smoothly giving the harmonious and soothing pleasure to the eyes of the reader and same to the mind. You are beautiful and humane human. Thank you so much for being there and sharing peace and joy ❤


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