Swan Fest

Last weekend when my friend Bonnie was here the weather was hot and sunny…..and so we spent much time observing activity on the River Thames close to where I live in Hampton, and as always Mother Nature provided a wonderful show.  


Having been born on this small island, like most Brits I gravitate to water.    It soothes and feeds me.    I can sit for hours by the river, sea or lake observing and listening to the rituals of nature. 



Swans mate for life and are wonderful parents.   The Male is always observing – sometimes with some distance, but always there watching over the family. 




The proud father fluffing out his feathers. 


Under an ancient charter, swans belong to the Crown, which means that they receive superb protection.   


‘The swan on still St. Mary’s Lake float double, swan and shadow’.   William Wordsworth. 


A Bientôt

9 thoughts on “Swan Fest

  1. luminella

    charming lovely pics … I’ve seen the swans in London parks and in the Thames … i agree completely; I was raised near running water … there was a wooden covered bridge down the hill … i’d sit under it and just space out and and hear and smell and see wonderful things … something peaceful and soothing about water.

  2. snowbird

    What beautiful pictures of such majestic creatures, I love swans too and as you say they are wonderful parents. Aren’t those signets sweet? xxx


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