Arsha Kaviani

Today I am visiting my friend, pianist/composer Arsha Kaviani.


I met Arsha through his mother, Kass and I met Kass through FB and my blog.     Kass and I came together through our collective love of  art and hummingbirds.

About three years ago, Kass suggested that I go to Arsha’s studio in London so that he could play for me, and since then he and i have been friends, and consequently I have painted Arsha’s portrait.

Watercolour of Arsha.


Kass and her husband are Iranian, however Arsha and his brother were born and raised in Dubai.    He had his concerto debut with the Dubai Chamber Orchestra in 2004, and in 2006 he entered Cheham’s School of Music, a specialist music school in Manchester.   In 2008 he continued his studies with Prof. McLachlan at the Royal Northern College of Music.    He subsequently received the highest mark for his final performance at the school for which he ws awarded the Alfred Clay Prize for Piano.

Watercolour portrait of Arsha


Since I have known Arsha he has performed in France, Spain, Switzerland, Vienna, Dubai, and has been selected as one of the Rising Stars of the Royal College of Music, which has resulted in a performance at London’s Cadogan Hall.   He was also selected as one of the Young Soloists of the highly prestigous Orpheum Foundation, which sponsored his debut with the Zurich Tonhalle Orchestra.

Arsha is 24 years old and I am 68, however through our love of art, music and the creative process we have much in common and enjoy stimulating conversation and lots of laughter when we get together.

Watercolour of Arsha



There are several youtube videos of Arsha Kaviani playing his beautiful music….I highly recommend.

A Bientôt



7 thoughts on “Arsha Kaviani

  1. snowbird

    Isn’t it amazing how all the different threads weave their magic and bring people together! Fantastic portraits….have a wonderful time!!xxx ,

  2. janetweightreed10 Post author

    Hi Dina…yes it is, and it’s one of the things about life that I love. Even yesterday after the amazing recital, Arhsa, and another young woman, a cellist form France, and I went to lunch….Our waitress turned out to be a dancer, originally from Poland….and oh so interesting. We are now all connected through FB:) Hope you have a wonderful


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