The Ten Pound Note reveals a Hummingbird

I consider myself to be quite observant, especially when it comes to hummingbirds.


Those who follow my work and blog will know that I have used hummingbird imagery in my work for the past 30 or more years.   

Hummingbirds symbolise to me the Unseen Magic in our world. 


Imagine my surprise, when one of my neighbours pointed out that there is a hummingbird on the back of a ten pound note!   

I knew, or course, that the Queen is on all of our currency – as shown here on the front of the ten pound note….

Scan 5

however, I hadn’t observed that along with Charles Darwin, there is a hummingbird on the back of the ten pound note….

Scan 4

Now I am aware of this, maybe the Magical Hummingbirds will visit my wallet more often:)

On that note, wishing one and all a peaceful, creative, Wednesday.

A Bientôt



13 thoughts on “The Ten Pound Note reveals a Hummingbird

  1. ShimonZ

    No question that you’ve focused very well on the hummingbirds, but it could be… just possibly, that you haven’t given enough attention to money. smile.

  2. Tony

    Hi Janet,
    Amazing what we don’t notice! What else don’t we perceive, not to mention the Great Unseen?

    I browsed around Wikipedia on this, no really informative references except “£10 pound note depicting Charles Darwin, a hummingbird and HMS Beagle” And as you indicate, Darwin is the clue, that the development of different beaks in finches, according to their food, led in part to his theories of evolution. Apparently hummingbirds and finches are related species
    So, really, it ought to be a finch on the £10 note, but hummers are more attractive!

  3. gini

    The Universe delivers, even with Magic.. The hummers will never let you down.. just holds you UP.. May your fat wallet fly you in and out of the U.S. hee hee.. keep us posted!! 🙂 (((JANET))) ❤ g


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