Marmite Heaven

OK, so what is Marmite Heaven???     

Marmite Heaven is my, tongue in cheek, idea of heaven on earth….let me explain.

First for those who have never heard of Marmite….it is a strange black substance that we Brits put on bread.    It’s been around for ages, and as the advertising slogan says…‘You either love it or hate it’.   I love it.


To coin the words of Joseph Campbell…I have followed my bliss in life, and although there have been many ups and downs, overall it’s been a wonderful journey. 

The older I get the more I appreciate that having my needs met over wants is extremely satisfying. I am grateful for shelter, food, running water and of course art supplies:) 

And art supplies are a key component to the Marmite Heaven mix…Paint glorious paint. 


There would of course have to be at least one cat….Christeve the Cat, pictured here, lived with me in The Magical Town of Crickadoon.


And some chickens…I fell in love with chickens when I was house/studio/animal sitting close to  Brussells….which is where this large oil was painted. 

Not only are they wonderful to paint, but the eggs they produce are a vital food. 


There will be a Jack Russel in residence at Marmite Heaven. 


I would have vegetable and flower gardens….designed to encourage birds, bees and butterflies. 

This is a picture from my little cottage garden in the Magical Town of Crickadoon. 

til August 10 1037

There would be a large studio, with a bedroom/bathroom/kitchen attached, and in the gardens there would be a hut for resident artists….and maybe another hut for friends:)

It would be a place steeped in creativity.    Meals, mostly eaten al fresco, would be a time to discuss the creative pursuits of the day……..As I write these words, I can see it and smell it:)

Of course there would be many birds, including Magical Hummingbirds….



I almost forgot the most important part.    It would be lovely to have someone to shove a Marmite sandwich under the door of the studio a couple of times a day……..:)

Until this special place is revealed….I will appreciate where I currently live in a well located and leafy part of Greater London.    

At this time, I am obligated to be here, but it is my hope and dream that one day I will be writing my blog from Marmite Heaven.

A Bientôt

14 thoughts on “Marmite Heaven

  1. ShimonZ

    Since the last time you wrote about Marmite, I have had the pleasure of finding the substance and trying it. I liked it on bread. But it’s not something I would see as essential for my happiness. Still it was a pleasure getting to know this food that you like so much. Your Marmite Heaven sounds familiar to me somehow. And though I’m severely challenged these days by the war in my country, when things are normal, I do feel very close to my own Marmite Heaven. All my needs are satisfied. I have the tools I want, and life is good. I hope you get to Marmite Heaven soon. xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Shimon, – so pleased to hear that you actually tried Marmite…and didn’t hate it! Well done you. I always thought it was something you had to grow up with to appreciate.
      I would love to think that one day when I am living in Marmite Heaven that you and Nechame can visit and enjoy a marmite sandwich with me:)
      For the most part, I have all my needs, but I do so miss having a cat living with me…and other animals…and so yes, let’s hope Marmite Heaven is revealed to me soon.
      My prayers and thoughts are with you every day…I can only imagine how terrible things are right now….
      Big hugs for you and Nechame. Janet. xxx

  2. snowbird

    Oh….what a lovely post! Well, I’m sure the perfect place is waiting, just for you, and when you find it your local rescue, or ours will be delighted to provide the dog, cat and chickens. Mmmmmmmm….you have me thinking of huts! I have a large shed but that belongs to curly….and I would love a studio in the garden….sighs…xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      My intuition tells me that the perfect place is out there waiting to be revealed!:) I would love it to be sooner rather than later…..Yes, I love the idea of finding my new animal family at the local rescue. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some sheds popping up in your garden.xxxxx


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