A sense of Movement.

My goal is to capture a sense of movement in my images, especially when it comes to birds in flight.   In this demonstration, I have painted the heron…..a bird I find fascinating, graceful and wonderful to paint.  


To show too much detail is to lose the essence of moment.    Think about it….as we observe birds we don’t see every detail….what we see is movement in space. 


Watercolour is the perfect medium to capture movement.    

In this instance I have used a mix of burnt sienna, prussian blue and some cobalt turquoise blue.    A little cadmium orange for the  bill. 


When I am painting a moving subject, I try to imagine myself within the subject….almost as if I am flying with the bird or dancing with the dancer. 


Given that this is painted on white paper….I have left dry white paper for the highlights.    After applying juicy paint to the feathers, I then immediately go in with a clean, wet brush and pull the paint out. 

This technique helps to avoid muddiness….and at the same time gives an element of control. 

In the finished image, I add a touch of the yellow from the bill into the rest of the paining…and also allow a little permanent white gouache to bleed into some wet areas.    I like the effect this provides. 



‘Life is in a perpetual spontaneous movement.    If you cling to it you wont capture it and if you do not stay alert, you’ll miss it.’  Philippe Benichou

As always, I wish everyone a Magical Hummingbird day….Here are two hummingbirds dancing in a summer field. 




A Bientôt

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