Details create the big picture…..

During the middle part of my career, from 1986 til 1999, I painted large murals for corporate entities.      They weren’t always paintings I was excited about, but they paid the bills and kept my tools honed, which in turn gave me freedom to paint what I wanted to paint.

Something I learned, which has stood me in good stead, is that if you change one small area of a huge mural.the whole image changes.


A relatively small change might not seem obvious to the viewer, but the fact is that every brush stroke added or deleted changes the rhythm and energy of a painting. 


And so it is with all of life.        

Rachel Carson in her book Silent Spring, first published in 1962, recognised the early signs of relatively small changes within the environment.      She understood how they would affect the whole.


In my book The Apple Exercise, one of the key elements is to understand that we can observe the apple in hundreds of different ways….somewhat like a complex jigsaw puzzle. 

In understanding this, it helps us to observe all of life differently.


Given that all of life is interconnected, were I to put a red apple into a pure white room, although not necessarily perceptible, the whole energy of the room would change.


In this exercise, I have shown just a few details from one of my Magical Hummingbird paintings.

Here is the complete image….


Click on each image to see in larger form.

A Bientôt

22 thoughts on “Details create the big picture…..

  1. First Night Design

    Reblogged this on First Night Design and commented:
    I’ve had no internet connection for the last three days and sitting in the local cafe to get access is not kind to my disabled wreck of a body, alas. In the meantime, enjoy the beautiful watercolours of Janet Weight Reed and I’ll be with you whenever I can!

  2. Globalresidence

    Agreed! 😃 Most well known Japanese companies knew that it is all about the details so they were meticulous in their documentations!


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