Time to wake up!

It would seem that humankind refuses to learn lessons from the past, and so here we are 100 years since the war which was supposed to end all wars began, still enveloped in conflict in many places around the Globe!

The Peacock symbolises integrity, beauty, resurrection and awakening. 


I could write about my strong anti war feelings, and much more… 

However, as a woman, mother, artist and human being – I am only concerned with bringing a sense of peace and hope, especially for the children of our world. 


As an adult it can all feel overwhelming and out of control, and so what must it feel like for a child? 


My friends from around the world all feel the same way.    Everyone I speak with wants the same things….peace, food on the table, shelter, clothing and a connection with nature –  and so why does it continue? 

I think it has to do with the insatiable greed of man…because as disgusting as it might sound, there are those who become very rich from war!   


We only have to look at Mother Nature to see how life can work in a harmonious and balanced way, and how different species can share the same environment. 


When I see the bombed devastation of a war torn country, all I see is black, grey and horror,  the complete opposite to Mother Nature’s bounty. 


We seem to be creating the perfect storm.    Humanity in dire conflict and at the same time we are abusing the natural world…..


Time to wake up….

Wishing everyone a peaceful and creative Monday.



A Bientôt

16 thoughts on “Time to wake up!

  1. snowbird

    You echo my thoughts Janet, I have never known the world to be in such a state of turmoil and wonder where it will all end……I can’t bear to watch the news it just makes you feel helpless doesn’t it, I mean what can we do to help?
    I love this post, I will hope for peace in this world.
    It’s also terrifying what is happening to the natural world, that bee quote is scary, we all know this but everyone just keeps doing there thing, flagging gardens, planting useless plants…xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning , Dina….yes, what can we do in all this madness? The only thing I know to do is to spread beauty and positive energy, which I know you do in your every day life.
      I don’t think humankind will ever be able to live side by side as the natural kingdom does….and so I think we need some sort of a mystical intervention……one can only hope:)xxx

  2. Bonnie Halsey-Dutton

    I agree entirely. This cycle of war has been mankind’s heritage: I believe you are right: it is born of greed of a few. The majority don’t want it, and we are constantly being fed fear. It would be an ideal world if a war-filled world wasn’t our present and our future. God gave us heaven right here, and mankind can’t seem to share it. God must be sooo disappointed! Individually, putting tranquility at the center of our day is helpful, as it is truly “catchy” to those around us if we hold firm! Thank you, Janet.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Bonnie, and thank you so much for your comment. So true that mankind can’t seem to see that we are surrounded with such beauty and natural bounty.
      I will send you pics, to show that I had a lovely meeting with Tyler and Callie yesterday:) Peace and love to you. Janet:)

  3. kathryningrid

    I cannot begin to say how deeply I agree with this post and how beautifully I think you said it. So I shall simply say, Yes! And may we all learn to Do and Be better. Thanks for this, dear Janet.

  4. jjspina

    Lovely art and peaceful with words of wisdom for those in need. War is horror, devastation and destruction and misery. Pray for peace for all. Thank you for sharing.


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