Photographs from the ’60s and ’70s.

The following photographs are just a few highlights from the ’60s and ’70s.

This photograph was taken in front of The Commonwealth Institute, kensington High Street, in 1964, with my friends Patrick and Maureen.   Maureen and I went to art school together, and have recently been re connected through the magic of FB:) 

The building which housed the Commonwealth Institute will become the new home of the Design Museum, opening in 2016. 


With Maureen on my Lambretta scooter in London – 1964.    When the petrol tank had a puncture, a man at the local garage told me to plug it up with bubble gum…which I did, and it was just fine.

This was in the days long before health and safety and so no one questioned such things, or the fact that we didn’t wear helmets….It was much more relaxed. 

til August 10 142-1

Maureen and I met at the Medway College of Arts in Kent….This picture shows the entrance to the college.    Since then a new campus has been built however, I will be forever grateful that we went to the original site….in the middle of Rochester. 


I was married in 1965, – then in January of 1966 my husband and I sailed for New York on The SS United States Liner.    The plan was to visit the States for two years.     Upon arrival in New York we took a Greyhound Bus to Miami where we were met and driven to Key West. 

In Key West we stayed with relatives of my husband who were involved in organising volunteers to help with the influx of Cuban refugees.     We were invited to help, which was an experience I will  never forget. 

It’s important to note that having sailed from Southampton on January 28th 1966,  my son Jarrod was born exactly Nine months later!     

I must have been about two weeks pregnant  when we left England – no pregnancy tests in those days…you just had to wait and see!

I am about seven months pregnant in this photograph. 

til August 10 191

Then on September 10th 1966 Jarrod was born….Here we are together in one of those photographic machines.     I remember this moment so well. 


We lived in Ft. Lauderdale until Jarrod was 4 months and then we drove in an old Chevy Impala all the way to Staten Island, New York where we had friends.   

We rented a small cottage from Mimi Kolff on Harbor View Place close to the Verrazano Bridge and Fort Wadsworth.       Just one year earlier we had sailed under the newly constructed Verrazano Bridge, not knowing that we would be living almost beneath its shadow!

Jarrod and me in front of the cottage on Staten island. 

til August 10 202

Not too long after arriving on Staten Island my first marriage ended, and so with a young child to support, I needed to get a job.    Mimi Kolff, friend and landlady, arranged an interview for me as a gal friday with White, Weld & Co on Wall Street.     After a memorable interview, I was hired and worked for Sandy Lewis, who is still a friend.   With Sandy’s encouragement,  I became a Registered Representative with the New York Stock Exchange working on the Block Stock trading desk.    It was an amazing and life changing four year period.

Working on the block stock trading desk at White, Weld & Co. 

til August 10 178

In 1972, I moved to the `White Weld Philadelphia office thinking that Jarrod an I would return to the UK  a year later however, that’s when I met my second husband. 

I re-married in 1973 and moved to Chester County Pennsylvania.     It was in 1973 that  I began my journey as a working artist.

1975, Christie was born….I love this picture of Jarrod feeding Christie right after she came home from the hospital…note the little kitten sleeping next to them….We always had a house filled with children and animals:)


Then in 1976, I had my first solo exhibition at the Chester County Arts Association in West Chester, Pa.      During the year preceding the exhibition, I was picked up by Newman Galleries in Phildelphia where I sold wildlife paintings. 

1976 –  My first solo exhibition at the Chester County Arts Association, West Chester, Pa.  

til August 10 197 

More happy memories during the ’70s – Summer at Long Lake, Maine. 1975

til August 10 099

Christie at the Westtown Quarry Swim Club.   This image is in the book Four Seasons of Chester County by Red Hammer. 

As a family we spent many happy days here. 


Christie’s first birthday – March 1976….No I never was much of a cake maker! but the children always enjoyed them:)  


And last but not least…Courtney, Kendle and Jarrod – swimming at Westtown School lake.   Kendle and Jarrod are now together as partners in love….which is wonderful, proving once again that none of us is ever creative enough to know how things will actually work out……


Have a Magical Hummingbird weekend….


Photographs from the ’80s and ’90s next Friday…

A Bientôt. 

16 thoughts on “Photographs from the ’60s and ’70s.

  1. Tish Farrell

    What a totally fantastic story, Janet. The first pic is a classic, and of course I know so well those lovely gates to the art college. For many years I went to tai chi lessons there. What a fascinating life you have had. And living by the Verrazano Bridge! I knew I wanted to go to Staten Island when we were in Manhattan, but our NY chums put us off so we just went there and back on the ferry.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Tish, When I lived on Staten Island between 1967 and 1971, it was still lovely….lots of open green spaces, and a little like living in a village with Manhattan on the doorstep. Today it has changed….hugely developed, etc. etc. The Bridge had been completed just a year before I sailed under it in Feb 1966….When I worked on Wall Street I had the most wonderful Italian babysitter for Jarrod. I am still very good friends with her family, although sadly Marie died three years ago. Thank you so much for the comment. Janet

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you, Sarah…every now and then it’s good to look from whence we cometh….it sheds light on my life today:) Yes, I am looking forward to visiting the Design Museum. Janet:)

  2. snowbird

    How I enjoyed finding out a little more about you. What a fascinating post with so many absolutely fantastic pictures. Lovely to see Jarrod with his childhood friend, no we never know how things will work out.You have certainly lived an interesting and varied

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Dinah….yes, none of us is ever creative enough to know …………..:) It has been an interesting life and continues to be so…..I could write a book about each segment. Thank you for the lovely comment, and wishing you a fantastic bank holiday weekend.:)xxxx

  3. kathryningrid

    I, too, loved peering into your life-story. What may seem ordinary to us as part of our own history is often mysterious and even magical to others; in your case, I always *assume* that there is plenty of wonder and loveliness beyond the distance and behind the normalities of everyday correspondence, and I see here that it’s true. 🙂

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Kathryn, and thank you for this lovely comment. Yes, life has been very interesting and rich…yes, highs and lows but that’s what life is about….all in all I am very grateful for my lot, and try to live each day as if it were a new and exciting adventure:) Wishing you a beautiful weekend, xxx


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