Hummingbird Magic with

My Life as an Artist (2)

It would seem that the hummingbirds are weaving their magic.    A while ago I connected with Misty Johnson in Dallas who has a website honouring all things to do with hummingbirds!


P1130642 will now be carrying my images.    Please do visit the site and learn more about these amazing little creatures.


Native to North and South America, I had my first encounter with a Hummingbird in 1968 when I was visiting friends in Asheville, North Carolina.     I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and hearing.

Sounding somewhat like a bee, and appearing as a flying jewel, I was immediately smitten.

However, at that time, I had no idea of how significant these little creatures would become in my life and work.

For over thirty years, I have used Hummingbird imagery to symbolise the Unseen Magic in our world.    When I meditate, I…

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6 thoughts on “Hummingbird Magic with

  1. Jayanthi

    Who better than you to represent the Hummingbirds with your beautiful and life affirming artwork. That is super!

  2. snowbird

    I think of you every time I light my hummingbird candle or hear anything about hummingbirds! I love your paintings of them so much, I shall commission you to do one for me when you have


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