Making Colour

I am going to the Making Colour exhibition at the National Gallery today.    

Here are two images indicating my love of colour. 

These two oil paintings were produced in 1975 when I was living in Westtown, Chester County, Pennsylvania.     The wildflowers in the hedgerows were beautiful, and I particularly loved the thistles. 




Float free of time today with these colourful Magical Hummingbirds.


A Bientôt


12 thoughts on “Making Colour

  1. gini

    I will be with you in spirit dear Janet.. Color is my middle name.. WINK… Just lovely paintings..You Shine!! ❤ love g

  2. snowbird

    Enjoy the exhibition, your love of colour shines through all of your work, It’s your trademark! Your thistles are gorgeous, a flower I love

  3. ĽAdelaide

    I love your stunning use of saturated color. Very magical! I too adore pouring paint of every hue all over my wet, white paper! Your blog is such a joy! And inspiration! 😀

  4. kathryningrid

    The intensity of rich, full, deep and saturated color literally permeates your work, and the thistles are a magnificent representative of that characteristic. Wonderful! Happy days to you, dearest Janet, as you bring so much happiness into mine!


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