The Old and New London

Last week was full of interest and activity, more of which I will share during the coming week.

The highlight was when family members from Seattle, Washington took me out on the town on Wednesday evening, and then came to visit my Mother on the Thursday.

Emily and Richard took some lovely photographs from the top of St.Paul’s Cathedral, which prompted me to  pull up some older photographs of St. Paul’s, taken in the forties and fifties.   It’s fascinating to compare then and now…..

The iconic image of St. Paul’s Cathedral taken during the blitz in 1940.


An aerial view of St. Paul’s in the 1950s when London was covered in black soot.   I remember very clearly when the burning of coal was banned and all the major buildings were cleaned, revealing the lovely colour stone we see today.


One of Emily and Richard’s photographs taken from the Whispering Gallery at St. Paul’s Cathedral.


Looking at St. Paul’s Cathedral from South Bank in the 1950s.  Note that St. Paul’s at that time was the highest building in the City.

Southwark View

Not so today….. Just some of the new buildings visible from St. Paul’s.



What you don’t see in these photographs are the hundreds of cranes dotting the skyline indicating the many more changes ahead.


Wonderful Richard and Emily who are now safely back in Seattle.



And of course a Magical Hummingbird for the day….


A Bientôt


5 thoughts on “The Old and New London

  1. gini

    This is really quite interesting.. I’ve only read and heard stories of London in the 50’s.. You make it more than a story.. I wish I had been more interested in history. wink. Have a nice week Janet!! ❤ g

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      The history of London is amazing….given that I was born there and so have seen it through different recent stages…I can assure you that the changes we see today are staggering! Thank you so much Gini…sending


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