Turning the clocks back….

Autumn is with us and tonight we turn the clocks back…..

I painted this large oil on canvas in 1987.    Part of a large series of paintings, each one representing one of my friends.

At this time of year, warm quilts are very comforting.


Along with the Magical Hummingbirds.  HummingbirdHQ.com



A Bientôt

9 thoughts on “Turning the clocks back….

  1. ShimonZ

    very good too, to get back to the normal clock. I think this is the first year we’ve used the European system. We used to have summer time just during the summer. Now I’ve been getting up in the dark morning, and didn’t like it much.

  2. snowbird

    Ah yes, you can’t beat a warm quilt and a little magic during autumn! I love your quilt painting and of course the magical ones.xxx


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