A cause for feminists – indeed for anyone – everywhere. Warning: extremely graphic images

Become aware of the horrific physical and emotional abuse that so many women have to endure at the beginning of the 21st century!

Well, This Is What I Think

We do confess, Dear Reader, to occasionally being somewhat impatient with our feminist sisters.

Let’s be clear: we are totally on-side with equality of opportunity. Equal pay. Demolishing the glass ceiling. And freeing women from the need to constantly defend themselves from the appalling ingrained sexism that sees them the victim of unwelcome sexual advances, and worse.

And please note: fruit of one’s loins was sent to learn Taekwondo from the age of 11 to 18. Apart from the fact that Pop Pops will come after you with a machete, we doubt any male would survive assaulting her will leave the scene with their gonads intact.

But women shouldn’t have to become self-defence experts to protect themselves, and anyway, there are some attacks no one could defend themselves against.

Reshma before and after Reshma before and after


Like us, you may want to donate to help provide treatment for a much-loved 18 year…

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6 thoughts on “A cause for feminists – indeed for anyone – everywhere. Warning: extremely graphic images

  1. sula362

    unfortunately the fundraising is closed. Pouring acid on another person is such a terrible thing to do, I have never understood how anybody can do it.

  2. bluerock / debrazone

    thank you for reblogging this post – I read the entire article and posted a comment there as well. I’d like to see this featured on Freshly Pressed to gain wider exposure among the WordPress community.


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