National Cat Day – celebrating some of the cats in my life…

It seems that yesterday was National Cat Day….and so how can I resist sharing some of the wonderful cats that have been in my life.

The beautiful Christeve the Cat.



Uncle Sammy’s Sun sport cats.


Purple and orange cats….


Cats that hang loose…..


Little Fizzy.


Where there are cats, there are always Magical Hummingbirds. 


Some of these cat images can be found on

A Bientôt.

20 thoughts on “National Cat Day – celebrating some of the cats in my life…

  1. olganm

    Love them all! And thanks for the magical hummingbirds. I was talking to my mother about your hummingbirds and she told me she didn’t think she’d ever seen one, so then we were watching some videos of hummingbirds flying. They are indeed magical. And thanks for the cats!

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much. Very glad that hummingbirds have now been introduced to your Mother…and also that you were able to watch a video. They are the most amazing little creatures. When in the land of hummingbirds, I like to sit quietly, close my eyes, and wait to hear their humming around my head…and then open my eyes to see their beauty. 🙂

  2. snowbird

    What a fantastic array of cats, they are all so beautiful, my favourites were the grey and white cat and the white one curled up sleeping, how well you capture these delightful

  3. teagan geneviene

    Oh, how did i miss this post? And how did i miss National Cat Day? No wonder my cats snubbed me… 😉 Your watercolors are particularly gorgeous. You really have a gift with them, Janet. Hugs!


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