Black Cats – Revered or Feared

It seems that black cats are either revered or feared…..


The fear element probably stems from folklore held over from the Middle Ages when black cats were thought to be witches’ familiars.


In some countries, black cats suggest bad luck, although in the UK and parts of Asia they are considered to be good luck.


When I was growing up in the UK, I was taught to  believe that black cats were good luck.   I was told when one walked in front of me….very good luck:)

People who know or own black cats, love them.

For that matter, I love all cats.

Photograph of my friend Hilda’s black cat, along side a cat portrait I painted many years ago.

Hilda'a cat in snow

Where there are black cats, there have to be magical hummingbirds. 


Wishing everyone a lovely weekend.

A Bientôt








18 thoughts on “Black Cats – Revered or Feared

  1. ShimonZ

    Two very much loved cats of mine were black. I think I both loved and feared one of them. He was a wise cat… and affectionate too, His name was Yamim, which means seas. I named a computer after him, after he had died. Love your paintings, Janet.

  2. snowbird

    I loved this, I can’t get over how well you capture them. It’s sad isn’t it how animals are feared and abused across merely because of the colour of their


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