Seeing differently

My Life as an Artist (2)

There are some who see a great deal and some who see very little in the same things’.  T.H. Huxley


If we could time travel back to our earliest formative years, when our world was a kaleidoscope of colour and shapes, we could regain our natural curiosity and love of colour and form.  


After the formative years, we begin to see the world through the narrow definition that our culture has imposed upon us.


Our heads can be filled with reasons why we should not, and cannot do something!


Given the fast pace of our lives today, and the fact that most of us are plugged into technology of one kind or another, our collective senses have been deadened. 

Just as dancers and athletes exercise their limbs,  our eyes need to be exercised….so that we can begin to see the world around us…

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4 thoughts on “Seeing differently

  1. teagan geneviene

    Wondrous colors Janet. I seem to have a physical need for color. If i wear all neutrals i just don’t feel quite well. However, it makes me stand out like a sore thumb in DC. I’ve begun to call the “uniform” people here wear of black (they seem to think tan is a bright color, and gray not far behind)… anyhow i call it DC Drab. Do i want to fit in with that? Not even a little. 😀

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      DC Drab…I love that:) I think there is a tendency everywhere for drab these days. When I see people wearing vibrant colours….it’s uplifting. To make my own life simple, I do tend to wear a lot of black but along with very brightly coloured pashminas and scarves…..

      Thank you so much for your comment, and hope you are enjoying a colourful weekend:)


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