one piano~one voice

Gill McGrath

composed and performed by John Lennon ‘Real Love’1970
~ a single piano demo ‘Real Love’take 1 ~
A piece forgotten until 1988.
(John Lennon b.1940-d.1980)
It was later recorded much altered by the Beatles 1995.

More recently recorded by Regina Spektor (2007) for Instant Karma: The Amnesty International Campaign to Save Darfur.
Spektor is also a songwriter but says she rarely writes any of them down, they flow out of her. She usually sings in English, but often includes a few words or verses of Latin, Russian, French, and other languages in her songs. She also plays with pronunciations, which she has said is a remnant of her early years when she listened to pop in English without understanding the lyrics and sometimes weird songs about meatballs in refrigerators come into her head – She says she can’t help it.

[Take 4]

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