Mr. Turner

Yesterday afternoon I went to see Mr. Turner Mike Leigh’s impeccably researched and beautifully filmed production about the great English artist JMW turner – (1715 – 1851)


I had a need to escape today’s reality and enter another world, and indeed that is exactly what happened.    

Turner was played with great relish and sympathy by Timothy Spall, who is one of my favourite actors.

Turner’s elderly widowed Father (Paul Jesson) showed a man who was totally content to be Turner’s servant!


The film focused on the final years of Turner’s life….which coincides with a superb exhibition I saw recently at Tate Britain…. again focusing on Turner’s later paintings.

In the next frame you see Hannah, (exquisitely played by Dorothy Atkins) the sexually exploited housekeeper to Turner.


And in this frame, Mrs. Booth (Marian Bailey) who he met when staying at her boarding house in Margate.


This is a film that captures with every nuance the atmosphere of Dickensian England….it’s one that I would definitely see again….and highly recommend.

It shows the shenanigans at the Royal Academy


and so many images that would inspire Turner to create his fabulous paintings.


I have much more to say about the film and Turner’s difficult relationships with women, but that will have to wait for another blog.

A Bientôt

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