More colour and sunshine

More colour and sunshine today… express the way I am starting to feel again:)

These four plein air watercolour/gouache sketches were painted during some very happy moments in France.


I can paint water reflections all day long….There’s something about disappearing deep down into the reflection.


From the day I painted in Monet’s Garden after all the tourists had gone home….what a gift.


Monet’s Garden.


And of course a colourful, Magical Hummingbird…..



A Bientôt

17 thoughts on “More colour and sunshine

  1. olganm

    What a treat, Janet! I’m pleased to hear you’re feeling better and the watercolours are beautiful. It must have been fabulous painting at Monet’s garden…I remember seeing his full size paintings at l’Orangerie…

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Olga.
      Yes, painting in the gardens with no one else there was incredible….I could imagine the blissful silence (other than the sounds of nature) that Monet would have enjoyed as he observed his gardens developing. A wonderful experience.
      Thank you, and hope you have a lovely day. Janet:)


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