At last, some seasonal weather….

Yesterday, it was announced that this past year has been the warmest ever on record for the UK….and indeed it has been incredibly mild.     However, we are now in for more seasonable temperatures…which I, for one am very happy about.

During the twelve years that  I lived and worked in ‘The Magical Town of Crickadoon’ in Wales, I walked in the surrounding hills just about every day….and would love donning one of my wooly hats and warm jackets to go off and commune with nature.

Rapid watercolour self portrait painted in January 3rd 2000.


One of my new years resolutions will be to do more of this…….

Even though it is winter and the cold weather is upon us….the Hummingbirds are still weaving their magic in distant lands.


A Bientôt










11 thoughts on “At last, some seasonal weather….

  1. olganm

    I was very much against hats until two or three years ago when it got very cold and I decided to try a woolly hat and now I love them. There’s something comforting about wearing hat and gloves…And the lovely scenery….Love the portrait. I’m sure I’d love to sit by the fire and have a chat…


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