A very special hummingbird gift from my late Godmother.

I received a lovely gift this week from my late Godmother’s children.      They had been going through some of her belongings when a little hummingbird brooch appeared.


As a child my Godmother/Aunt Joan, had been one of my favourite people.    Always happy and  relaxed she was a joy to be around.

Given that hummingbirds are only just becoming well known in the UK…signifying more exotic and warmer climes, I imagine she found this little brooch on one of her many travels abroad.


Many ancient peoples believed that hummingbirds were messengers between different worlds, symbolising eternity, continuity and infinity. 


I will cherish this little brooch and consider it a message from my Aunt Joan who is hopefully smiling broadly and enjoying a new and different world:)


On that note, I hope that everyone is holding up during the run up to Christmas.   It can all get a bit much…..however, today I will go to a carol singing concert given by the little children from  St. Mary’s School.    The same children I painted with a couple of months ago.



A Bientôt



23 thoughts on “A very special hummingbird gift from my late Godmother.

  1. Sharon Rogers

    What a lovely story and I’m sure she is watching and smiling. By the way I love your hummingbirds – they always make me smile.

  2. eightdecades

    To respond to the hummingbird gift and add the art work, you have expressed some of the joy your godmother exposed you too as well. Nice paintings and a fine jewel of a hummingbird brooch! A nice and concise story with wide heart and appeal.
    very nice post.

  3. vannillarock

    The brooch is quite exquisite- It will be a joy to wear. I could watch the hummingbirds around my feeder in Arizona for hours on end – the sheer energy employed in a day’s life is quite extraordinary.

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning and thank you so much for your lovely comment. The first time I saw a hummingbird was in the mountains of north Carolina in 1968… I have been enthralled with them ever since:) Janet.

  4. snowbird

    Ahhhhh, how lovely to receive the little broch, what a sweet gesture, I’m sure you will treasure it. What delightful hummers, oh if only they camr here, good to think they are coming to the UK though.xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Hi Emma….Oh I love things like that……..I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine:)
      I think my Godmother must have bought hers (now mine) on one of her trips to warmer climes….because sadly, magical hummingbirds are not native to the UK.
      Enjoy our day. Janet:)

  5. Jay Cleaveland

    Your paintings of hummingbirds are just amazing – I noted your use of the term ‘magic’ to describe them – ever since I was a small child, hummingbirds have seemed like magic to me as well – there’s just something mystical about their sudden appearance and departure from the flowers or feeder in the yard. Your 3 hummingbird painting image has been my desktop background for some time now. From left to right, your 3 birds are increasingly less colorful, and lower on the canvas than the previous bird – is this to symbolize aging or even the cycle of life and death?

  6. janetweightreed10 Post author

    Good morning Jay and thank you for this comment. I saw my first hummingbird in the mountains of North Carolina in 1967 – and have been in love with them ever since. I lived and worked in the States between 1966 til 1993, when I returned home to the UK/Europe. Sadly in Europe – although we have many beautiful birds, we don’t have hummingbirds, and so when I visit the States, I make a point of seeing and communing with them. Hummingbirds symbolise for me, ‘the unseen magic of our world’ – We humans think we are so clever and sadly believe that we control everything, when in fact we don’t of course…and these beautiful flying jewels remind me of that. I love the fact that you have my hummingbird images as your desktop….I think your interpretation is very interesting….and possibly in a subliminal way I do have those thoughts when trying to capture these amazing little creatures. Enjoy your day and may you be surrounded with the magic of hummingbirds…janet 🙂


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