Russian Fairy Tale – The Humpbacked Pony

A beautiful story from Sarah…

Life in Russia


The Humpbacked Pony

Once upon a time there was a peasant family that owned one wheat field. One morning they found that during the night, someone had been trampling around in the field and ruining the wheat. The two elder brothers stood guard during the next two nights, but because of storms and cold winds they left the field, and in the morning it was trampled down even more. On the third night the youngest brother Ivan, whom everyone thought was the fool in the family, managed to catch the wonderful mare that had been destroying the field.

The mare begged him to let her go and in exchange gave Ivan two golden-maned steeds of unheard-of beauty and a small humpbacked pony who would be Ivan’s best friend. When the time came, Ivan and his brothers went to the fair to sell the two fine older horses. On the way…

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