Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas…

I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas break.     

Mine started on Friday when I went with a friend to see The Railway Children at the Kings Cross Theatre.     I saw it the first time four years ago with the same friend when it was playing at London Waterloo….and we both agreed that the Kings Cross Theatre production is even better.

It is thrilling to see the real Steam Engine come into the theatre…..


Today was a day for visits, and tomorrow I go to one of my favourite theatres…The Orange Tree, in Richmond to see Widowers’ Houses by Bernard Shaw, followed by an early supper with my friend Tony.


Then the really exciting part of my Christmas begins on Christmas Eve when Fudge the Cat arrives with his suitcase to stay with me for four days:)

A recent watercolour of Fudge the Cat.


I have a feeling there will be lots of photographs and maybe sketches to show after Christmas….and of course we all need magical hummingbirds to see us through the holidays.


Enjoy – See you after Christmas.

A Bientôt

14 thoughts on “Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas…

  1. snowbird

    How exciting your outings sound, I really love the Railway Children….how fun.
    Oh my….Fudge is coming????? Bloomin’ Marvelous that is!!!! The painting is gorgeous. All the very best to you Janet, hopefully next year is the year we meet.xxx

  2. olganm

    Thanks Janet. Your plans sound fabulous. Enjoy Fudge and all the entertainment and love to the magical hummingbirds that have become a part of all our lives. Happy holidays and have a great 2015!


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