The return of old friends……

Since Fudge the cat came to stay on Christmas Eve…my luck seems to have turned.   The new year has begun on a very positive footing.

Fuge the Cat. 


Old friends returned today in the form of two paintings.    Both paintings have been safely housed with good friends in Wales for the past eleven years.    It’s wonderful to have them back.

This self portrait (large oil on canvas), circa 1987 holds great significance for me given that it was painted at an important turning point in my life.


I live in a one bedroom flat in London, which is already filled to the brim, and so stacking is definitely now in order:)


The other very large oil on canvas, was painted in 1982, inspired by the rock formations on Isle-au-Haut Maine, an island which sits in the Penobscot Bay, part of Acadia National Park.    After painting on the Island I then integrated the rock formations with the human form.    

Part of a large series, this painting represents the final time that people turn their backs on one another.       They may live together for many more years, but the backs have been turned!

Here it is leaning against the wall in my bedroom.     As I say, I live in a one bedroom flat!:)


And so another lovely day.   Quite Clearly, the Magical Hummingbirds are working overtime:)


A Bientôt

8 thoughts on “The return of old friends……

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Thank you so much, Tish, and yes one day when Marmite Heaven is revealed to me, there will be more space, meanwhile, it’s lovely to live in such close quarters with these old friends:)

  1. snowbird

    How wonderful to hear that good luck is streaming your way, long may it continue! I love those paintings, fantastic works of art, and I love the sweet painting that rounded this lovely post off

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Dina….Given that I am very aware that the only certainly in life is uncertainty, I plan to enjoy this good fortune in the here and now:) It’s so lovely to have these paintings back with me. xxx

  2. Tony

    As we’ve occasionally seen these paintings in your blog posts over the last few years, it’s really good to know that they will actually be on your wal at home instead of ‘just’ digital images.
    We will trust that when you find your Marmite Heaven – as it will say on the garden gate – there will be far more wall space for them, and all the yet-to-come paintings


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