A Wassailling we will go…..

This weekend, I am going to Kent to stay with my dear friends, Mick and Gail, and a Wassaillng we will go.

We met at The Camp School in Kent when we were five years old!….the school was made up of wooden army huts (this was right after world war II) and set in the middle of bluebell woods.

We had no central heating, we grew our own vegetables and creativity was abound.   All three of us have dedicated our lives to the arts.    Mick is a photographer/musician, Gail, an author/actress and I am a painter.     Gail and Mick married and have a glorious daughter.

Recent watercolour of Gail


Recent watercolour of Mick


There are two forms of Wassailing…one would be called carol singing where villagers go from house to house,  and the other centres around the ancient custom of visiting orchards in cider producing regions of England, reciting incantations and singing to the trees to promote a good harvest for the year. 

Tomorrow night we will be visiting the orchards that surround Gail and Mick’s home to sing to the trees:)


And of course the magical hummingbirds will be there…..



Have a lovely weekend.

A bientôt.


12 thoughts on “A Wassailling we will go…..

  1. snowbird

    What a brilliant post….I just loved your portraits of your friends….how I would love to go a wassailling with you. Have a fab time and bring back marvelous pics!xxx

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning Dina…I think you would have loved this event….so much fun….wonderful music, and it really did feel as if we had entered another time. Have a lovely week. :)xxx


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