Art in the Algarve – a closer look at Olhao

My Life as an Artist (2)

Today a closer look at Olhao.

I loved all the little alleyways each full of colour and interest, and of course the wonderful Azelejo – a form of Portugese/Spanish painted tin glazed, ceramic tile work.     These tiles have been produced without interruption for five centuries. 


A lifetime could be spent capturing the change of light in these alleyways….and note again the cleanliness of the streets.


Many of the buildings in Olhao reminded me a little of Cuba or South Beach Miami before it was renovated….a sort of decaying splendour ripe for people with vision to restore, which is clearly what is happening all around the town.



These images show the main street…..again immaculately clean.


One of the views from the many levels and balconies at the school.


The alleyway behind the school….


Everything we needed and much more was within a few minutes walk of the school.    Last…

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5 thoughts on “Art in the Algarve – a closer look at Olhao

    1. janetweightreed10 Post author

      Good morning, Sarah….I do love alleyways and little streets….there is an intimacy which is lost in large boulevards. Certainly Olhao is filled with them…one of those places where every turn brings a new surprise. Have a lovely weekend.and keep smiling:)x


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